Nikki Wilmot

Jo & Martin – Just wanted to write and tell you what an amazing time we all had at your villa this last week. Going away on holiday to Thailand for the first time and having grown up daughters still wanting to come away with us, I did wonder if we would want to all do different things. I also wanted to feel safe! Going away on holiday I want to be able to relax, to sample the local cuisine, to explore, to experience new things and to enjoy being together. My husband wanted to fish!

Spending a week having a family holiday exceeded all my expectations. What a gem of a place! A real tropical paradise! From the lovely welcome we received from all the staff, the high quality rooms with air conditioning, the superb Thai food on site but also the possibility of more traditional English food (sausage sandwich and roast lamb dinner lapped up especially by one of our daughters), and the stunning scenery, to the amazing fishing and incredible fish, it was truly a wonderful holiday.

Having been a ‘fishing widow’ for 30 years, I do know a bit about pellet wagglers and fishing on the bottom but had no idea of the adrenaline rush of hooking and landing a 40lb plus Siamese Carp! Brilliant! After the fish was safely in the huge floating hoola hoop net – it was also a real privilege to be so close to such a beautiful creature albeit for a short time. They really are incredible. In fact both our girls really enjoyed the thrill of fishing and both caught fish to 50lb. When it was time for my husband to finally have a chance to fish – there was always the opportunity to relax in the pool or have a Thai massage back in the room.

The resort is well placed for day trips to explore the night markets in Cha Am and Hua Hin as well as the beach, shopping centre and temple.

First impression of Thailand = Awesome!
First impression of Jurassic Mountain Resort = When can we go back?

Lynsey Campbell & Tom

From the moment I arrived I felt I was in paradise. My fiancé Tom introduced me to fishing in a pop up tent and a disposable barbecue when we first started dating lol….. I never looked back …. even when I lost my footing when he took me to Earlswood lakes (posh part of Brum ) … he had a bite and me being the new girlfriend all ready to impress endeavoured to bring his other rods in … lovely summer evening, me in maxi dress looking glam. .. picked up rods start reeling .. take a step back ………. fall in lake pmsl …. Tom left me lying in lake rods etc whilst he caught his monster carp about 18lb pmsl …. that’s when I realised fishing was for me…..

Christmas comes and goes I’m bored and decided …. Thailand fishing is the way forward … tired of watching the TV programmes …River Monsters etc , I want to be there …

Thanks to Jo Bowler I managed to book the best surprise holiday for Tom (who had never ventured from England before!)

All I can say is the villa and resort makes the most amazing memories. …. you are welcomed as part of the family …. I have been luckier than Tom and visited many countries but never have I felt so welcomed and looked after than at a holiday resort in Thailand …. Can’t wait to return next year …. for our honeymoon x