Win a signed copy of Seeking Shadows & A Fish For All Seasons DVDs

Since completing Catching The Impossible I have produced and made 2 further DVDs called Seeking Shadows and A Fish For All Seasons.  Here is a description of both:

Seeking Shadows (Part 1) - A desire to know more about what lies beneath the surface is what captivates angliers throught the world and proefessional fisherman Martin Bowler is no different. Assisted by friends he sets out on a voyage of discover and wonder to prise open the veil of water trying to hide its secrets. Magical moments with giant carp to a daring adventure seeking sharks – they’re all told in this tale and filmed on the finest canvas – Mother Nature. So be prepared to marvel at the world as you have never seen it before. Huge fish discovered – huge fish caught! This is a childhood dream brought to life.

A Fish For All Seasons -  Martin is again at the centre of another epic film where he faces some of his most impossible missions ever, played out against a backdrop of the British countryside, a journey that has filled his life since childhood.  This double DVD encapsulates the many flavours of our seasons as he pursues a monster common carp. Of course, the film would not represent a true specimen hunter’s year without the many other species encountered along the way that add to the excitement and help to tell a tale you will not want to miss. From town to valley, river to lake, come and experience this endearing adventure through Martin’s eyes.

Now is your chance to win a signed copy of each DVD.


What’s Up For Grabs? 1 copy of both Seeking Shadows & A Fish For All Seasons DVDs to 1 winner

Start Date: 25 November 2012

End Date: 8pm 25th November 2012

How To Win

Simply answer the question below and put your answer in a comment at the bottom of this blog. If there is more than one correct answer a draw will be made. Please note that your answer has to be moderated first and therefore there will be a delay before it is displayed on the website.  The winner will be notified by email after the closing date and their details will be posted on facebook.


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