Win 5 kilos of Richworth KG1 Shelf-life

During the filming of Seeking Shadows it was vital that I was fishing with a bait which carp instantly took a liking to.  Thankfully I had Richworth XLR8 and KG1 at my disposal and during the course of the 2 years filming these boilies accounted for more carp out of Milton Abbas than any other, including nearly all the big fish.


What's Up For Grabs? 5 kilos of Richworth's shelf life KG1 to 1 winner

Start Date: 17 November 2012

End Date: 4pm 18th November 2012

How To Win

Simply answer the question below and put your answer in a comment at the bottom of this blog. If there is more than one correct answer a draw will be made. Please note that your answer has to be moderated first and therefore there will be a delay before it is displayed on the website.  The winner will be notified by email after the closing date and their details will be posted on facebook.


Who is the owner of the wonderful fishery in Milton Abbas, Dorset where Seeking Shadows was filmed?