Christmas Quiz!

No prizes this time as it's just for fun but I hope these Christmas questions get your brain ticking after watching too much TV!

Answers will be posted tomorrow - 27th December

1.  This is a picture of Julian Lewis Jones - what Hollywood movie directed by Clint Eastwood did he star in?

2.Who does this hand belong to?  (Drennan Cup star)

3.What river is this?

4.In which year did I catch my British record crucian carp?

5.Who does this float box belong to?  (the answer is in the picture!)

6.I have been lucky enough to catch over 30 4lb perch from this river - what's it called?

7.Who is this?

8.John Everard and Roy Parsons are famous on the Oxfordshire angling scene, but at what complex was this taken(Roy is the bailiff here)?

9.This picture is of the angling legend that is Bob Church - he is most famous for his game fishing so what is the weight of his PB rainbow trout?

10.In Catching The Impossible I eventually caught my 30lb pike from what lake?

11Who is this? (Esox world?)



1 - Invictus

2 - Terry Lampard

3 - Wye

4 - 2003

5 - Peter Drennan

6 - Great Ouse

7 - Hugh Miles

8 - Linear Fisheries

9 - 27lb 2oz

10 - Bowood

11 - Steve Rowley