Bowler's Boilies from Richworth

Over the last few months I have been busily formulating a range of barbel baits that will be launched in early 2012.  So it was with much excitement that I watched the first batch of boilies roll off the production line as trials and field testing was ramped up another notch.

Planned so far is a boilie, paste, groundbait, glug, pellet and hi attract hookbait so as you can see every need of the modern barbel angler will be catered for.   I have pooled all of my 20+ years experiences to ensure the baits are packed with powerful attractors that all have a tremendous track record.  Importantly I have also ensured that the baits will be equally as effective in summer and winter so once you are catching there will be no need to stop!

The paste, pellets and boilie are perhaps self-explanatory but the groundbait has been formulated to not only bind pellets but introduce attraction in its own right.  Perfect for rivers such as the Wye, Severn or Trent or for any angler wanting to  try something different.  The glug supports this product and can be mixed with water to act as a binder.  It can also be used as a booster for the pellets and boilies.

An interesting and unique product is the hi attract hookbait which contains the deadliest flavour combination I know and responsible for some of my finest catches.  If you need to win a bite or tam floodwater this is the bait for you.  Simply pop in the rucksack and save for those ‘hair pulling’ days.

As the field-testing continues I will post regular updates but the barbel of Great Britain have been put on notice – Bowler’s Barbel Boilies are coming!!