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A fish fanatic called Martin Bowler

Since childhood I’ve always had a fascination with water and the creatures that live below the surface. My enthusiasm for fishing did not start with a rod and reel but a net and a bucket; endless hours spent searching for sticklebacks or stone loaches fired a passion that has lasted a lifetime. A hobby soon became a way of life and as a professional angler I have seen more than I could ever have dreamt of as a boy.

Three fish (barbel, crucian carp and grass carp) over the British best has so far been the pinnacle of my specimen hunting career. Catching fish however is not enough, portraying our great field sport is another drive and my weekly column in Angling Times, for well over a decade, has I hoped inspired a new generation of anglers to find their own adventures. The critically acclaimed TV series Catching The Impossible with Hugh Miles and Bernard Cribbins took 4 years to complete and, I hope, lived up to the title and was my first foray into the world of moving pictures. Since then I have produced a series of DVDs, all of which are available from my shop, where you will also find three books which came about from a love of writing.

I live in a small Wiltshire hamlet with my wife Jo and three Rottweilers – the only aim now is to continue on this wonderful angling journey that started all those years ago grabbing every opportunity fishing offers.

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